Building bridges (and jetties) – Dr Rebecca Stewart

We had all gathered for the same purpose – to save the sinking ship that is service provision for those with acute mental health needs...

We are a profession divided – Dr Paul Bryan

The gulf that divides us has grown too wide. Now there are dozens of organisations purportedly representing doctors, or at least sections of the medical community.

When elephants fight – Dr Nick Tellis

I look forward to BridgeBuilders being one of the places where we can come together and discuss some of the big issues facing our noble vocation and valued patients.

The Golden Rule of kindness – Dr Tash Coventry

As a parent I have been struck with how often I’ve seen the behaviour of my children replicated in my workplace and more broadly in ‘grown-up politics’, both in and out of the world of medicine.

Training pathways should encourage collaboration – Dr Bob Vickers

As GPs and GP registrars, we all want the best for our communities and patients. This is only achievable through a happy, sustainable and appropriately skilled workforce.

We can shape our future – Dr Samuel Ibrahim

Strong primary care is critical to secure sustainable healthcare for all Australians; we all know that we are facing many challenges to our profession.

If you want to go far, go together – Dr Genevieve Yates

Human beings are programmed to seek connection and belongingness. The quickest and easiest way to achieve this is to create 'others'. To make it feel like it is 'us' vs 'them'.

By harnessing the true power and wisdom of the collective, will we overcome the artificial barriers which hold us all back. We need to build purposeful partnerships, understanding that we will never truly integrate if we actually set out to dominate.

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