Wanted: shared vision for primary care – Dr Edwin Kruys

I was pleased to see that some of this year’s pre-budget submissions by primary care organisations contain similar ideas. There is a lot of merit in many of the proposals. What if we would combine these ideas into a shared vision for primary care?

Tackling the wicked problems in health by building bridges with social services – A/Prof Lesley Russell

None of the “wicked’ problems in health – obesity, mental illness and suicide, chronic illness, ageing – will be solved with just hospitals, doctors, nurses and prescription pads. They all require resources beyond those provided by the healthcare system.

Our multivariate voice has made it easy to ignore GP input – Dr Todd Cameron

In presenting a unified voice we can address the diverse needs of the primary care workforce and our patients, to remain at the head of the OECD pack for important health measures and deliver this care at an affordable price for all Australians.

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