More collaboration in health care urgently needed

Expectations, needs and demands in health care are evolving rapidly and health leaders are facing more challenges than ever before.

5 ingredients for effective collaboration – Dr Edwin Kruys

Collaboration is often talked about but not easy to achieve, and it doesn't always make the top of the priority list.

Take the high road – Debbie Rigby, Advanced Practice Pharmacist

It’s time to find a common ground and stop derailing expanded roles for pharmacists. We must build bridges across our differences to pursue the common good.

Building bridges (and jetties) – Dr Rebecca Stewart

We had all gathered for the same purpose – to save the sinking ship that is service provision for those with acute mental health needs...

Avoid being pigeon-holed – Dr Ali Soerensen

We have far more in common that than that which divides us. I am quietly optimistic about this project - together we can build bridges.

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