Podcast preparation

Thanks for coming on the BridgeBuilders Podcast! Before the interview begins we will send you a link to the online podcast recording software.

A few tips to get the best result

  • You will need a microphone to record your voice. Most computers and laptops have good inbuilt microphones. An external recording mic is ideal but we understand not everyone has one. An alternative is a headset combi (earphones and microphone).
  • Please make sure you have the latest version of a web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. Check here if your browser is up to date.
  • It is highly recommended to sit in a quiet place during the interview with as little as possible background noise. Wearing headphones during the interview, especially if you use the computer’s inbuilt microphone, helps to avoid echo.
  • When you log in after clicking on the link, the podcast software will perform an automatic ‘health test’ to check the web browser and microphone. If you log in a bit earlier (or as soon as you have received the link) you will have time to fix any issues.
Headset (example)
Podcast mic (example)

It is not unusual to have a few tech issues before and even during the podcast recording – don’t worry, we’re usually able to fix it.

We’re looking forward to the interview!

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