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“Building bridges from foundations of understanding, respect and our passion as healers is critical to complete ourselves and to inspire generations to come ~ Dr Ewen McPhee.

Thank you for your interest in the BridgeBuilders project 2018-2019. In recent times, conversations about the benefits of collaboration have been occurring at various levels in health groups and organisations.

Healthcare is fragmented. Expectations, needs & demands are evolving at high speed which means that leaders are facing more challenges than ever before. In 2018 a group of doctors in Australia decided that it was time to step up efforts to end the divisions and silos, and the idea for the project was born.

The group believed that more professional collaboration has benefits for healthcare, our patients and health professionals. Some of our aims were:

  • Continue the conversation about more collaboration & breaking down silos in healthcare
  • Find common ground and build relationships & trust between leaders
  • Encourage working across organisational boundaries.

“BridgeBuilders is demonstrating the impact of this mindset on a greater scale. In a current culture of factions and self-promotion, it is pushing back ~ Dr Tash Coventry.

Here are some key messages that were posted and shared. There is much more on the BridgeBuilders blog. The topics were diverse: Collaboration, building relationships, trust, unity, training, shared values & goals, finding common ground, the act of listening, kindness, discomfort of compromise and upgrading workplace cultures.

The project closed in 2019.

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