Our story so far

“Building bridges from foundations of understanding, respect and our passion as healers is critical to complete ourselves and to inspire generations to come ~ Dr Ewen McPhee.

Thank you for your interest in BridgeBuilders. Recently, discussions about the benefits of collaboration have been occurring at various levels in many health groups and organisations.

After the GPDU18 conference, a group of doctors decided that it was time to step up efforts to end the divisions within the profession and the idea for the project was born.

Healthcare is fragmented and expectations, needs & demands are evolving at high speed which means that leaders are facing more challenges than ever before. We believe that more professional collaboration has benefits for healthcare, our patients and health professionals.

The BridgeBuilders project is about building links for the future and connecting people. The website, Twitter account and Facebook page communicate passionate messages supporting current and future leaders to get together, build relationships and networks – and hopefully lead together more often.

A conversation

“A significant mentor encouraged me to broaden my engagement; to avoid being pigeon-holed. She implored me to communicate, collaborate and empower; listen rather than just hear ~ Dr Ali Soerensen.

The project is in the start-up phase and is adopting an informal & different approach. Some of the things we want to do:

  • Continue the conversation about more collaboration & breaking down silos in healthcare
  • Find common ground and build relationships & trust between leaders
  • Encourage working across organisational boundaries.

Building bridges requires patience, long-term commitment and encouragement – without judgement. We hope that the BridgeBuilders project will start conversations.

And maybe, just maybe, we can get our leaders together, face-to-face, to talk to each other more – but we will not set the agenda or advocate for specific issues; this already occurs in other places.

And, just to be clear, we will not become the next political group or organisation as that would defeat the purpose of bringing existing groups together.

Contributing to the project

Healthcare needs more bridge builders and we need your support. BridgeBuilders is a group initiative. If you want to contribute, please send us your thoughts on collaboration, partnerships or bridges you believe are needed.

“BridgeBuilders is already demonstrating the impact of this mindset on a greater scale. In a current culture of factions and self-promotion, it is pushing back ~ Dr Tash Coventry.

If you need inspiration, here are some key messages others have posted. The topics are diverse: Collaboration, building relationships, trust, unity, training, shared values & goals, finding common ground, the act of listening, kindness, discomfort of compromise and upgrading workplace cultures.

Your personal message will help to shape the project as it will become part of the BridgeBuilders message. Remember the Bridge Acronym 🙂 and please feel free to contact us!

The Bridge acronym