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Free yourself from your filter bubbles – TED Talk

"We have to add diversity to our lives" Nice TED talk about diversity and dealing with different opinions.

Closing the gaps in Australian maternity care together – Dr Wendy Burton

What if we decided to sit down and talk to each other? To identify the gaps and work together to close them?

Rural Generalism should inspire us all, not threaten us – Dr Konrad Kangru

Rural Generalists are undoubtedly the key to Australia’s rural medical workforce for the future. And it might only take a little extra effort to help you join them.

Kindness matters – Debra Letica, Consumer/Carer Representative

I believe that kindness is the key to enabling conversations about what matters to you. Kindness builds teams which then increases patient safety. It breaks down barriers and changes mindsets.

The potential of mindfulness in the medical workplace – Dr Tony Dunin, Orthopaedic Surgeon

If we can bring mindfulness into the medical workplace then I believe that this will enhance the possibility of cultural and structural changes.

Building bridges and walking the talk – Dr John Crimmins

A real leader and bridge builder will make their first step being to make sure your own backyard is in order before talking about how others backyards should look.

Listen to our BridgeBuilders healthcare collaboration podcast

Our guests give us their views on teamwork, trust, integrated care, quality care, leadership and what needs to happen to make Australian healthcare an even better connected place.

Tackling the wicked problems in health by building bridges with social services – A/Prof Lesley Russell

None of the “wicked’ problems in health – obesity, mental illness and suicide, chronic illness, ageing – will be solved with just hospitals, doctors, nurses and prescription pads. They all require resources beyond those provided by the healthcare system.

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