The BridgeBuilders project is dedicated to more collaboration in Australian healthcare. We encourage everyone working in healthcare, especially those in leadership positions, to reach out and cross organisational boundaries.

BridgeBuilders is about connecting people with different backgrounds, building trust and facilitating relationships – key components of successful collaboration – so that our future leaders will be able to lead together.

“We must build bridges across our differences to pursue the common good.” ~ Debbie Rigby, Pharmacist 


On our Blog and Podcast we discuss a variety of topics related to collaboration with wonderful and passionate guests including many of our healthcare and thought leaders.

BridgeBuilders has no political agenda. There is no affiliation with existing organisations or groups. We receive no funding and have no commercial interests.

Our focus is on finding common ground and supporting shared goals, acknowledging our diversity at the same time – it’s about the inspiring causes that get us out of bed in the morning.

“Kindness builds teams which then increases patient safety. It breaks down barriers and changes mindsets.” ~ Debra Letica, Consumer/Carer Representative

Healthcare needs more bridge builders. Want to know more? Read our story so far.


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